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本門 佳恵(Motokado Kae)

Kae Motokado

  • Real Estate Transaction Specialist
  • Registered Architect of the Second Class
  • Interior Coordinator
  • Joined Hachise in September 2013
  • Involved in launching a "Global Team".
  • Engaged in sales and renovation of properties as a producer specializing in dealing with foreign customers.


I was born in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, and have lived in Osaka, Vancouver, Canada, and Tokyo, and moved to Kyoto when joining Hachise.

I have longed for Kyoto since I was little, and even now I am often impressed by the charm of Kyoto, such as the beautiful scenery of Kamo River and the majestic appearance of shrines and temples that I see in my daily life.

In my previous job, I was in charge of sales and site supervision related to setting up venues for corporate events and exhibitions. Since I was mainly in charge of foreign-affiliated companies, I was inspired a lot by interacting with other countries and working overseas.
As I get more fascinated about creation and fabrication, my desire to make something that last for a long time, not just during the event, gradually became stronger every day,

That’s when I found Hachise.
They were hiring for a new position to support foreign customers that were gradually increasing at that time.

I was very interested in traditional Japanese buildings, because I used to study space design in Kyoto and I had the opportunities to visit the renovation site of Machiyas and worked on some school projects on renovating a Machiya.
So, when I saw Hachise's job recruitment, I felt like I fell in love with it at first glance.

I have always wanted to share about Japan with foreigners, and that has been the core of my job since I was in Canada.
At Hachise, due to the nature of the properties we handle, I have many opportunities to meet customers who understand and value the culture of Japan and Kyoto. Moreover, I often end up learning about Japan from them.

I keep in touch with many customers even after the transaction is completed, and I feel happy to hear from them when they come to Japan.
Meeting such customers and listening to stories about enjoying life in Kyoto at a new home are what make my job worthwhile.



Okazaki House
Fully renovated Nov 2022


A fascinating renovated house
Fully renovated June 2022

路地奥ひらやの ひだまり町家

Fully renovated Apr 2022


House of indoor enjoyment
Fully renovated Mar 2020


House for outdoor activities
Fully renovated Mar 2020


Beauty of margins
Fully renovated Mar 2020


Bungalow in the alley
Fully renovated Sept 2019


Mint Green House
Fully renovated Mar 2019